Ramses was a Pharaoh of Egypt. Ramses was in the Old Testament.

Ramses was an Egyptian king first seen when Moses is an Adult. Ramses was cruel compared to Moses, and he wanted to marry Nefertari. He was very jealous of Moses, and always tried to get Moses in trouble with the Pharaoh. Ramses was the one who revealed to everyone, Moses was Hebrew. This startled everyone. The Pharaoh at first didn't believe this, and thought Ramses was lying. He asks Moses if this is true he says yes, the Pharaoh is dismayed. Moses then admits he killed an overseer. The Pharaoh is so disgusted; he leaves Moses fate in the hands of Nefertari. Because Nefertari was in love with Moses, Ramses spares Moses. He sends Moses into the Deserts with nothing but a walking stick, and a robe.

Later the Pharaoh passes and Ramses becomes Pharaoh. He is far more cruel to the Hebrews, than his father (The Pharaoh before him). Ramses eventually marries Nefertari (Who still has feelings for Moses).

When Moses returns and asks Ramses this: Let thy people go, Ramses refuses. Because he refuses, a series of incidents plague. Egypt: Water being turned to blood, Hail storms, the killing of Egyptian first born etc. Ramses eventually lets the Hebrews go when his son is killed by one of the many disasters that were attacking Egypt. But he changes his mind, and goes after the Hebrews with intentions to kill Moses. He sends an Egyptian army with him to attack the Hebrews. As he arrives, Moses (With the help of God) parts the Sea. The Hebrews all make it through, but as the Egyptians chase them, Moses closes the sea (With the help of God) and they escape. Being a failure, Ramses leaves.