The book Judges is about a time period in Israel where the nation was led by judges. The majority of the book is represented by a continuous cycle. Israel rejects God, God hands them over to slavery, the Israelites repent, God forgives them and brings them back. This pattern can be seen repeating itself multiple times within this book.

List of JudgesEdit

  1. Othniel
  2. Ehud
  3. Shamgar
  4. Deborah
  5. Gideon
  6. Jephthah
  7. Samson

Minor Judges

  1. Tola
  2. Jair
  3. Ibzan
  4. Elon
  5. Abdon

Popular JudgesEdit

The most well known of the Judges is most likely Samson, with Gideon being the second. Samson was the strongest man alive, as long as he didn't cut his hair, but was tricked into doing so by the woman Delilah. Gideon led a small hand picked army against the Midianites which . Deborah should be noted as she was the only female Judge.