David is a son of Jesse, and a king of Israel. He is most known for the story "David and Goliath".

David was born in the family of Jesse with six brothers. He was a shepard, and knew how to play the harp. He was relatively young when the Lord chose him to be king.

David is firsts mentioned when Samuel pours oil on his head. Later, David is called to Saul's kingdom bye Saul himself. Saul had been punished with the this evil spirt for commiting two terrible sins agaist the Lord. When Saul heard David could play the harp, he summoned him to play the harp for him. Whenever David played the harp, Saul's evil spirt would go away. Saul grew to like David, and soon promoted him to the person who carries his weapon around.

When Goliath(A 9 foot tall soldier) shows up, and threatends Israel, David faces the monster with nothing but a sling shot, and some smooth rocks. David gives a speach to Goliath that said something along the lines of: You have threatened my people too long, and today you will be killed by me. The Lord will help me. I will kill you then cut your off. After the speach David strikes Goliath in the head with a sling shot, and cuts Goliaths head off. Saul asks who the warrior who did this is, officals all say David.

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