Chat rules

All these rules apply both to chat, private chat, and to the rest of the wikia.

1.1 - No bad language, or anything that others may think of as bad language.

1.2 - No bullying, threatening, or teasing others. Remember that you want to be witnesses for God in your actions.

1.3 - No adding stars (*****) or other common forms of blocking words. If you do, we will assume you were using bad language.

1.4 – No giving away personal information on both public and private chat, even if both users agree on it.

Chatmods & Admins

2.1 - No banning people for no reason, even if you let them back in immediately.

2.2 - No saying you are going to ban someone, unless they are disobeying the rules, and you really do need to ban them.

2.3 - No giving others chatmod status until discussing it with other admins.

2.4 - No taking away chatmod status unless a chatmod is misusing his powers, or breaking one of the other rules.

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